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About Bachelor of Arts (BA) Programs:

BA programs at Westford Uni Online are meticulously crafted to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today’s competitive business environment. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a working professional seeking career advancement, our comprehensive curriculum and expert faculty will empower you to navigate the complexities of the business world with confidence. A BA degree is essential for developing a strong foundation in areas such as management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Gain a deep understanding of business principles, enhance your critical thinking abilities, and unlock endless opportunities for success with our BA programs.

About Bachelor of Science (BSc) Programs:

BSc programs offer a specialized and in-depth approach to education, focusing on the scientific and technical aspects of various fields. Tailored for individuals passionate about STEM subjects, a BSc degree provides rigorous training in disciplines such as computer science, engineering, mathematics, and natural sciences. It equips students with practical skills, problem-solving abilities, and analytical thinking necessary for careers in scientific research, technology, and innovation-driven industries. While a BA degree emphasizes a broader understanding of the humanities and social sciences, a BSc degree dives deep into the technical and scientific aspects of a specific field, making it a preferred choice for those seeking specialized knowledge in STEM disciplines. Unlock your potential and pursue a rewarding career with our comprehensive BSc programs.

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Abertay University, Scotland
3 Years

What does it mean to receive an honours degree?

Receiving a degree with honours is an academic achievement that recognizes exceptional performance and distinction in a specific field of study. It signifies that a student has demonstrated outstanding academic excellence throughout their degree program. The specific criteria for earning a degree with honours can vary across institutions and countries, but it generally involves meeting certain requirements such as maintaining a high GPA (Grade Point Average), completing advanced coursework, conducting research, or submitting a thesis. This recognition not only showcases a student’s academic abilities but also highlights their dedication, hard work, and mastery of the subject matter. Graduating with honours can enhance one’s resume, open doors to prestigious opportunities, and often symbolizes the pursuit of excellence in higher education.

Student Testimonials

Ayah Kambal Ali


Being a part of Westford is a blessing. It didn’t take me long to realize that the faculties, support staff and my classmates are like a family. This program has been incredible up until this point. The workforce is steady and promptly accessible. The courses and individual examples have been clear and rational. Having teachers and study materials accessible to address questions or participate in discussions. When I think about being at Westford, I infer that the experience empowered me to become better, explore more and develop further, not only academically.

B.Sc in Business Management, CCCU

Talal Adada

Saudi Arabia

I am extremely grateful to Westford for making my online studying experience incredibly smooth. The accessibility and organization of the sessions and assignments were exceptional. Thanks to Westford, I had the opportunity to pursue my studies while balancing my work commitments, as the entire process was conducted online. I particularly appreciated that the timing of the sessions aligned perfectly with my work schedule, ensuring a seamless transition. The support from Westford administrators was invaluable, as they were always available to assist. I must also highlight that each project I worked on throughout my studies added valuable skills and knowledge, further enhancing my learning journey.

BA Hons in Business with Finance, LJMU

Izza Gaile Manabat


My experience with Westford has been a rather unexpected and thrilling ride featuring various interactive opportunities to network with prominent personalities. Westford offers a great platform to its students that allows us to embrace and showcase our industry knowledge as well as creativity. Laughter and fun are inevitable in each class. It amazes me how my professors effortlessly help me achieve my academic goals and are virtually available to offer further support.

BA Hons in Business with Finance, LJMU


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Bringing 18 prestigious international academic partners under one roof. From UK, to Italy, US, to Cyprus, Westford Uni Online has tie-ups with some of the world’s leading universities and colleges to provide  an educational experience tailor made for them.