Decoding the MBA Experience: Exploring the Research Boot Camp

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In a significant stride towards holistic education, Westford University College orchestrated a compelling research boot camp on July 15th, 2023, at the esteemed Al Zahia Campus. Tailored exclusively for Abertay University’s MBA students, the event was meticulously designed to elevate participants’ research capabilities and unravel the intricacies of industry advancement.

Figure 1 Dr. Renaldo De Jager Addressing Abertay MBA Students

The boot camp encompassed four insightful sessions, each unveiling a distinct facet of research’s transformative potential. Kicking off with “Empowering Innovators: Unleashing Research Potential in your Company,” led by Dr. Renaldo De Jager, the spotlight illuminated the pivotal role of research in propelling business growth.

The discourse illuminated research’s contributions – from yielding invaluable insights to facilitating informed decisions – and advocated for an innovation-driven approach that stands resilient in today’s competitive milieu. An array of research methodologies took centre stage, their strategic application dissected to harness success in business ventures.

The subsequent session, “Identifying Research Gap as Applied in Industry,” orchestrated by our adept DBA student, Ms. Marianna Missakian, delved into the art of recognizing research gaps specific to industries. The spotlight shone on meticulous research as the compass for identifying areas where knowledge or solutions fall short. In a dynamic blend of theory and practicality, participants embarked on a journey of exploration through real-world case studies, unveiling how bridging these gaps can ignite groundbreaking innovations and foster a competitive edge.

Shifting focus, the third session, “Leadership & Team Building Activity,” embraced the pivotal theme of leadership’s role in organizational triumph. Helmed by Prof. Zawahir Siddique and Prof. Alan Lukose, this session was a canvas of experiential learning. Through interactive engagements and collaborative exercises, participants absorbed the essence of effective leadership strategies and the dynamics of fostering robust teams. Armed with practical insights, attendees forged a roadmap for effective leadership and seamless teamwork, aptly translatable to real-world corporate scenarios.

Figure 2 Professionals from Saudi Arabia visited Westford Campus in UAE to attend MBA Decoded

The curtain fell on the boot camp with “Case Study-based research design,” a session led by Dr. Bindu Nair. This segment unfolded the nuances of crafting and executing research via case studies – a potent tool in business and management realms. The spotlight cast light on diverse case study types, data collection methodologies, and analysis techniques.

Attendees were immersed in the intricacies of case study research, grappling with its practicalities and gaining a firsthand understanding. Ethical considerations and challenges within case study research were unveiled, fostering an ethos of responsible exploration.

The resounding success of the Research Boot Camp resonated among participants. Spanning crucial themes, from research’s strategic role in the corporate tapestry to hands-on methodologies and leadership acumen, the camp imparted a multifaceted enlightenment.

Attendees departed with an enriched understanding of research’s transformative might and its catalytic impact on business innovation. In essence, the boot camp etched an indelible mark, arming participants with insights and skills for exceptional professional trajectories.

Figure 3 Group photo of Abertay MBA students with Westford faculty after conclusion of the workshop

Students also shared their experience at MBA Decoded Summer 2023 with great enthusiasm:

Anna Katrina Agtang

Billing Specialist, FTI Consulting


I learnt so much about making sound decisions with strategies, and it has been a good experience. I am happy to be in this university.

Paschal Tembon

Account Executive (Territory Manager), FedEx Express,


I had a wonderful day. It has been a practical and fun experience. We have learnt a lot of concepts and how to practically apply this knowledge.

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