Why Should You Choose Computer Science if Everyone Else Is?

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It’s no secret that more computer science professionals are needed in tech industries. Because of the strong demand for STEM areas, high schools and even elementary schools are encouraging young children to pursue this lucrative career path full of job chances. Oversaturation is a long way off as computer science prospects grow. Now more than ever, the field requires more new and diverse specialists.

Is Computer Science on the Verge of Oversaturation? No, Computer science and technology are far from saturated, and the demand for computer science abilities will only increase as the world’s reliance on technology grows.

“Almost every area of technology is poised to expand because our cultural reliance on technology is expanding so quickly,” said David Joyner, a computer scientist and executive director of online education at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing and instructor for GTx’s Introduction to Python Programming.” And the new technologies that are emerging will enable us to think of new concepts that we might not have thought of before.”

According to Emsi data on job titles with “computer science” as a talent, 2,052,740 positions were listed between October 2019 and September 2021, with 1,284,846 unique postings in the previous year. Over the last two years, the average growth across 1,000 job titles demanding this expertise has been 39.4%, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Computer related jobs created up to 62% of occupational roles in the study of ‘total growth of science and engineering occupations’ from the year 2010 to 2020.

An MBA, however, is not the only thing gaining popularity across the globe. Distance and online learning have become a rather popular topic, especially since the spread of the pandemic. However, the concepts of online and blended learning have been the talk of the town for the past decade as a result of the digitalisation of multiple industries in the world, including the education industry. Research and Markets had forecasted the market of online education to witness a growth of up to $350 Billion by 2025, and this was established before COVID-19 forced the world into a state of lockdown. 

Much like in other countries, in South Africa as well, an MBA equips professionals and students with the information and skills that they need to acquire an executive position in South Africa’s thriving business ecosystems or even transform the entrepreneurial landscape while utilising leadership, networking, and project management skills. According to a 2019 Corporate Recruiters Survey (CRS) by Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), 86 per cent of corporate respondents who were surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that MBA graduates from business schools were well-prepared for success in their organisation.

Keeping in mind the significance and prominence of the degree course as well as the new trends that have emerged in the education industry, the following is a list of the top 12 universities in South Africa for students to consider as they decide to pursue an MBA. Some of these universities offer online MBA programmes that meet students’ requirements and are credible and economical to pursue.

According to Stack Overflow, 81 percent of professional developers have found full-time work, either with employers or as freelancers. Only about 4% of those polled claimed they were unemployed and seeking work. Other responders were students, part-time workers, or retirees. These figures suggest that finding full-time work as a computer scientist is still a viable option.

Furthermore, there is still a huge desire for diversity in the fields of computer science and technology. According to Stack, women, and people of color continue to be underrepresented. Women make up only 8% of partners at the top 100 venture capital companies, and the industry employs half as many black and Hispanic workers as other private sectors.

Because technology has endless uses across all sectors and verticals, and discoveries are always developing, there will never be too many computer science degree graduates.

Is there still a demand for coding? Yes, particularly in the fields of cybersecurity and data science.

Coding, programming, and just about any other type of tech employment are still in demand and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.


“The pandemic has increased our dependence on technology, and that dependence will continue,” Joyner said. “It’s going to speed up some of the job prospects that were previously there,” she says.

An increase in demand related to cybersecurity, especially if the definition of cyber security is broadened,” Joyner said. “We normally think of cybersecurity as preventing hackers from obtaining your personal information or blocking someone from hacking your account, copying you, and gaining access to your banking records and other sensitive information.” But if we develop cybersecurity to include things like misinformation campaigns and efforts to impact decision-makers and policy-makers—using technology in a non-obvious way by misrepresenting who you are—it’ll be one of the hottest areas in the next five to ten years.”

“Virtual reality and augmented reality will most likely be the next revolution, on par with smartphones in terms of radically changing the nature of human-technology interactions,” Joyner predicted. “As more broad media—things like Netflix and Hulu, as well as all the various streaming services—become more important, they all rely on top of this powerful architecture of cloud computing and scattered networks.” As a result, we’re relying on it more and more. Because so many people rely on Google, Zoom, or your local school district’s technology, an outage has become seismic in the last 12 months. Because the losses are mounting, there will be greater demand for engineers to ensure that everything is running well.

Your Next Journey towards Computer Science

There are dozens of creative applications of computer science abilities across most verticals of interest, thus there are still lots of changes in computer science.

What is the Best Way to Get a Job in Computer Science?

It can seem like a catch-22: you need the experience to get your first job, but you can’t get the first job without it. Fortunately, once you have one to three years of expertise, the job market opens—and there are lots of opportunities to obtain experience outside of the usual full-time entry-level tech position.

“What’s cool is that business analytics, data analytics, and data science can be found in any type of organization,” said Gwen Britton, Associate Vice President of Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Campus STEM & Business Programs.

So, you decided to learn how to code to become a full-stack developer? Software engineers, application developers, and user interface or UX designers all benefit from this talent. Do you aspire to be a cloud architect? Working as a cybersecurity analyst, IT professional, or cyber software engineer might be a good fit for you. There are over a thousand job titles that require “computer science” as a skill set, and any of them can provide you with appropriate experience.

“The aim isn’t only to get folks who are going into a data science vertical,” said Eric Van Dusen, the University of California, Berkeley’s curriculum coordinator for data science education. “It’s a job skill for the twenty-first century that everyone should have.” Everyone should be familiar with these tools. “Each and every field.”

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