Is CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership for You?

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These qualifications are designed for individuals wishing to develop professional management and leadership practice who will have the knowledge, skills, and behaviors to drive business activities in a senior management and leadership role. Role and responsibilities may also include but are not limited to taking responsibility for people, projects, operations, and/or services to deliver long-term organizational success. They will have the professionalism to deliver impact, behave ethically and demonstrate a commitment to continual learning and development. The qualifications have been designed for practicing or aspiring managers in roles such as:

  • Senior Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Specialist Manager (with expertise in a specific business or technical function such as quality, finance, risk, marketing, sales IT, human resources etc.)
  • Director

Being a senior manager can be challenging! There are so many elements that are your responsibility and that you’ll be held accountable for.

If you’re looking to develop your strategic management and leadership practice this course contains a breadth of units, which are reflective of the tasks and activities required by managers in roles such as senior managers, regional management and specialist managers.

To know more, visit: Diploma and Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Practice. (CMI Level 7)

In short, you’ll become a better senior manager by learning:

  • An in-depth knowledge of strategic leadership
  • How to effectively lead and develop people
  • Develop and influence an organization’s strategic direction
  • Understand the scope, context and complexity of change
  • The reasons for strategic risk management and how to lead these initiatives successfully!
  • And so much more
A course focused on you
  • Tutor support – guiding you through both the content and your assignments
  • Focuses on the skills that you need to advance your career
  • Flexible and on-demand – works around your life and schedule
  • Access to our exclusive online community – connect to your tutor and other students
  • Future proof your career – learning skills a computer can’t replicate

Essential leadership skills

  • Build and empower stronger teams
  • Learn the skills needed to drive your own and your team’s performance
  • Improve your communication and become a more respected manager
  • Think more strategically and lead your organisation’s growth

A respected qualification

  • Join the CMI community of over 143,000 members
  • 88% of CMI members said it increased their confidence as a leader
  • £13,000 pay rise on average when qualified as a chartered manager
  • 76% of members say that Chartered Manager status provides the “ultimate competitive advantage”

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Why does this further help and is relevant?

A CMI level 7 diploma/ extended diploma can always adda boost to your resume in addition to your undergraduate degree. You could use the same credits earned to build towards upgrading to a master’s degree program. In case you are not an undergraduate degree holder but do hold Five-seven years of work experience through a CMI Level 7 you could pursue a vocational qualification that can further lead you to pursue a master’s degree which is increasingly becoming an option for most managers who hold basic education and were not able to pursue a full degree program due to uncertain reasons.

This Qualification will also build a route for you to upgrade to becoming a Chartered manager. For which you further require to submit a portfolio of workthat is endorsedand confirmed by your references. You also get to hold a CMI Membership that provides you access to CMI resources. You will have a unique CMI membership Identity number that can be further verified with CMI.

If you would like to sequence your study and prestart with a CMI level 5 Diploma and then progress to Level 7 that is also an option many students consider. The CMI’s own research suggests that 70% of managers have had no formal training which would suggest there’s plenty of room for managers and leaders at all levels to formalize their hard-earned experience into an internationally recognized qualification.This program will help you review your personal leadership as a strategic manager, develop performance management strategies and implement organizational change strategies.

CMI qualifications are offered by authorized and approved centers across the globe and are flexible with multiple options offered as far as the mode of study is concerned such as onsite, online, distance learning, and blended learning. An interested candidate can run a thorough check in the region where they reside or a center authorized to offer the preferred mode of study preferably an international study center.

A CMI Level 7 Diploma comprises of fours module/ units covering the following units:

  1. 701-Strategic Leadership.
  2. 702 leading and developing people to optimize performance.
  3. 704- Developing organizational strategy.
  4. 706- Finance for Strategic leaders.

An Interested candidate looking forward to upgrading to a CMI level 7 Extended Diploma will require to undertake seven modules/ units. The first four above and the additional three are below:

  1. 706- Finance for Strategic leaders
  2. 608 -Strategic Corporate social responsibility and Sustainability 
  3. 712- Strategic management project

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