Online MBA Program – Is It Worth it?

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Have we ever thought about why many online MBA programs are on the rise? Why do numerous people opt for it? Is it because it has way more benefits than the MBA programs of the traditional version? What are the merits and demerits of pursuing MBA programs online?

There was a time when traditional MBA programs were in vogue involving full-time courses. Fresh graduates intend to take up advanced degrees mostly. Sometimes, there would be young professionals who quit their jobs to do the program to get better job prospects after the completion of the course.

Later, as technology advanced and to get a degree even as a working professional but unable to attend part-time MBA courses due to time constraints, led many to pursue online MBA programs from reputed business schools or top universities. In this way, they neither have to resign from their jobs nor have to travel to attend part-time classes instead they can obtain a degree by attending the program online.

Merits And De-Merits of Online MBA Program


  • Flexible schedules– The MBA programs via online mode mainly through videoconferencing have students from around the globe who join discussions, and take part in the quiz whichis all part of the flexible schedule. There are also programs where students study from lectures that are recorded or through an e-mail. It depends on the student as to what program he or she prefers
  • Convenience– All it requires is a laptop or personal computer and a strong internet connection. With this, the student can attend class from anywhere at any time without quitting the job.
  • Networking– Students can choose online MBA programs from reputed universities and many universities attempt to make the online program more interactive as possible through technology. Online forums are there for the students to break the ice and know other students from various parts of the world.
  • Unrestricted by pandemic– The year 2020 onwards gave way to the pandemic times when people had to limit themselves to homes, and work from home, regular classes gave way to online classes and all these resumed until the vaccines were given. During these times, the online MBA program was preferable and many resorted to the same as they did not have face-to-face interactions but at the same time, the courses gained momentum. Many were able to get a degree and also work at home.
  • Top universities and business schools– The MBA courses or programs that are done on the online mode by these universities as well as business schools and the degree obtained is highly considered by recruiters these days as students tend to be more familiar with the technological part as communication was done mainly through that mode, quality of these programs are levelling up with that of traditional programs and interactions in online programs are encouraged as far as possible.
  • Cost-effectiveness– These online programs require good internet connectivity and a computer while the other costs that occur when doing a traditional MBA are saved. Along with this, the students are working professionals too and can use their monthly income from their ongoing jobs to pay for their fees. The completion of the program gives added value to the curriculum vitae.
  • Time-saving– Traditional MBA requires daily commuting, which is avoided in online MBA. The only thing needed is to schedule time to attend the classes through video-conferencing which can be done anywhere as well as any time.


  • Time-consuming– The online course takes longer time to complete with regards to traditional MBA since the former is done by systematic scheduling of other commitments and can be done only when time is available else it gets extended while the latter requires complete focus on the course during the entire program enabling the students to complete within the limited period.
  • Requires systematic and disciplined routine– The online program is along with other commitments. So, the other commitments have to be balanced and scheduled to attend the online mode of the MBA program. To complete the program without any extension, the available free time has to be used to study.
  • Cost of technology– The online programs may have affordable fees but the technology used for learning requires some spending to makeonline learning feasible.
  • Less or no on-campus experience– Unlike the regular MBA, online MBA programs have minimal on-campus experience. The ambience of a traditional MBA program would be missed by those pursuing online programs.


There are pros and cons for everything and none is devoid of that. Similarly, it applies in this context. Considering the advantages and disadvantages, there is hardly any reason to see why MBA programs on online mode cannot be opted for by working professionals. Hence, it can be said that such programs are worth it.


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