How to Make Online Teaching & Learning More Efficient

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The onset of pandemic (COVID-19) has led to alternative learning and teaching techniques. The online and blended learning styles have formed the new pattern of educational delivery. The strategies and pedagogical approaches must be effective for enhanced and meaningful learning experiences. The shift from conventional methods is also like an opportunity to redefine relationship with technology with efficient teaching strategies.

With the online learning, faculties’ inability to build personal relationships with the students forms the biggest hurdle. Connecting with the students is the primary goal of classroom engagement. Being familiar and well-versed with the available technological tools is significant to manage the virtual classroom. Research suggests that the kinds of digital tools used has a profound impact on the virtual presence including emails, assignments, mode of instructions and announcements for course structures. Few adaptive approaches can make virtual learning effective and engaging:

Creative Approach

The online teaching requires effective and productive learning process ranging from curriculum, theory, administration to technology. Often a flexible lesson plan is an effective way to promote the comfort of studying at one’s own pace allowing better comprehension of challenging topics. Further, a Learning Management System (LMS) can enable smooth synchronization of the virtual learning process. LMS as used by Westford UniOnline, helps in bridging the communication between the learners and faculties. The clear instructions shall facilitate effective learning process for the students and increase proactive behavior. Easier and meaningful discussions can be done through emails, online documents, platforms, etc. which can make navigation. To make the journey easier, Institution sends instructional videos on basics like uploading assignments, discussion forums on LMS, referencing etc. which prove immensely effective in ensuring understanding. Effective learning management system can be dependent on “engaging learning environment” including Break-out rooms, Polls, or in-class activities to maintain interest levels; “increasing knowledge retention” with the application of multimedia tools for imparting information; lastly, “user friendliness” which can focus on communication, participation with convenience to navigate.

It is significant to have a lesson plan with to help with clear flow during sessions.

Multimedia Usage

In the present era of blended learning, a functional interface is generally preferred for eLearning. This is to facilitate easier learning for students and effective teaching. The digital communication tools like emails, Learning Management Systems (LMS), social media channels and various online forums adds to the versatile approach for online lectures and instructions. Understand the proficiency levels of the students for using multiple tools and platforms can be an added advantage.

Varsity of learning options

The teaching can be a blend of synchronous and asynchronous (self-paced) methods. The different techniques can encourage students to be more active through video lessons, or live chats via synchronous; while discussion boards, recorded lectures will allow learners to complete assignments to work at their own pace and time.

The flexibility of learning and exploring concepts in a unique way facilitates enhanced students’ engagement. This is directly translated into “online learning success”. Westford UniOnline has exemplified its efforts in designing the online sessions in an effective manner to impart quality experience. Faculties and staff are trained and well-abridged to use online tools and teaching platform. Institution offers varied learning opportunities through synchronous and asynchronous techniques. Westford has leveraged its focus to make the courses more engaging through effective teaching pedagogy, delivery formats and encouraging collaboration. With its own challenges, Westford has excelled even in the most chaotic of times.

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