Valedictorian Layal Kazan’s Westford Journey

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Layal Kazan

More than 500 students attended La Réussite – Westford Felicitation Ceremony 2023. However, only a handful walked up to the stage and addressed their fellow classmates as the valedictorian of their cohorts. One such student was Layal Kazan who pursued her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) at Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU), through Westford. Below is the testament of Layal’s journey, written by her:

Reflecting on my MBA Journey and the past challenging two years, I can only feel empowered, fulfilled and immensely proud of myself knowing that I have pursued and accomplished my personal and professional career goals. Graduating with an MBA degree with distinction from Cardiff Metropolitan University and being recognized for my dedication and efforts by Westford University College are two of the most significant accomplishments of my life. I am humbled, honored and overwhelmed with joy for being nominated and celebrated as the Valedictorian of my cohort during the Westford Felicitation Ceremony and proud to have received this esteemed recognition and join the rank of precedent distinguished alumnus.

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This enriching and rewarding MBA journey has provided me with a well-rounded education and helped me grow both professionally and personally. Engaging with passionate and experienced faculty and my fellow graduates from various social and professional backgrounds has been extremely valuable and have given me a practical and holistic perspective on business challenges and a deeper understanding about the evolving business world.
I want to extend my gratitude to the remarkable Westford and CMU faculty and administrators who guided me throughout my learning journey and a special salute to my caring family who unconditionally supported and stood by me along the way.

I am confident that my MBA degree has equipped me with relevant skills and newfound knowledge to succeed in my endeavors and overcome future challenges and will open doors to new exciting opportunities ahead. I deeply cherish the memories and valuable friendships I have made during my MBA journey and I am excited to see what the future holds.

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Upon accepting her Valedictorian shield, Layal addressed the graduating batches delivering an inspirational speech. Here is what she had to say:

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Layal Kazan