Westford DBA International Immersion Program 2023: Fostering Global Business Leaders through Research Excellence

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Immersed within the picturesque setting of UCAM Campus in Murcia, Spain, the esteemed Westford DBA Bootcamp unfolded its transformative chapters on June 22nd and 23rd, 2023. With 22 promising DBA candidates converging from across the globe – representing nations such as the UAE, USA, Nigeria, India, Oman, and Canada – this prestigious two-day event showcased a blend of scholarly pursuits, paper presentations, and immersive leadership workshops, aimed at cultivating the next wave of influential business leaders and researchers.

Inaugural Elegance and Wisdom

The Westford DBA Bootcamp commenced with a resonating symphony of insights, as luminaries from both UCAM and Westford University College took the stage. Dr. Estrella Nuñez Delicado, UCAM’s Vice Chancellor for Research, kindled the intellectual fervour with her encouraging words, emphasizing the pivotal role of research in propelling innovation and progress. Dr. Gonzalo Wandosell, Dean of the Faculty of Business Sciences and Director of the UCAM Doctoral Programme in the Social Sciences, further echoed the significance of interdisciplinary collaboration in shaping transformative research. Dr. Andrew Hambler and Prof. Martin Eley, representing Westford University College, extended a warm embrace to the participants, setting the stage for days brimming with learning and camaraderie.

Harmonizing Learning and Interaction

Structured to harmonize academic enrichment with dynamic engagement, the bootcamp’s itinerary was a tapestry of thought-provoking sessions. Dr. Andrew Hambler kickstarted the intellectual voyage by outlining the bootcamp’s objectives, offering a glimpse into the insightful days ahead. Dr. Gonzalo Wandosell, in tandem, acquainted the attendees with UCAM’s legacy and unwavering commitment to academic brilliance.

Keynotes that Illuminate

A luminous gem within the bootcamp’s crown was the keynote address and workshop orchestrated by Mr. Pablo Blesa Aledo, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication at UCAM. His session not only illuminated emerging vistas in business research but also emphasized the art of effective communication in scholarly pursuits. This rendezvous with wisdom broadened participants’ horizons, inspiring innovative thinking.

Empowering Research and Leadership Prowess

Pivotal to the DBA odyssey, the bootcamp dedicated insightful attention to research. Dr. Andrew Hambler’s discourse on “Preparing for your viva” imparted essential tools for exceptional research presentations. Additionally, Prof. Martin Eley’s workshop on “Writing a Literature Review” breathed life into the art of comprehensive literature surveys and fortified research methodologies.

Journey into UCAM’s Realm

Beyond scholarly endeavours, participants embarked on a captivating university tour, uncovering UCAM’s state-of-the-art facilities and enchanting campus expanse. This immersive experience sparked a fire of excellence, urging candidates to strive for academic eminence.

Commending Triumphs

Curtains drew close on the Westford DBA Bootcamp with a gala awards ceremony, gracing the University Auditorium with a celebration of dedication to academic growth. Certificates of Participation were distributed, acknowledging outstanding contributions and inspiring a commitment to the pursuit of knowledge.

The Westford DBA Bootcamp at UCAM Campus, Murcia, Spain, stands as a testament to enlightenment and transformation, leaving an indelible mark upon every participant fortunate enough to be a part of this remarkable journey.


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