Westford Uni Online Wins ‘Best International Blended Learning Provider MENA’ 2022

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Westford Uni Online is thrilled to have bagged the title for the ‘Best International Blended Learning Provider MENA’ at the Global Business Magazine Awards – 2022. This victory comes after the official launch of the educational platform at the beginning of the year. The award was presented to Westford’s online division that supports the motto of “Study anytime, anywhere’ in efforts of promoting a healthy work-life-study balance and making education accessible to all. Over 14 years of experience in imparting quality education has earned Westford the reputation of a trusted education provider in the Middle East and beyond.

On this occasion, Mr Hanil Das the Co-Founder and CEO of Westford Uni Online expresses “We are honoured to receive the Global Brands Magazine Award as the ‘Best International Blended Learning Provider MENA’, We dedicate this award to 10000+ alumni from around 130 countries who trusted us as a higher education brand. Westford Uni Online is more than an Online learning platform that offers higher education programs through state of art live virtual learning plus reading contents, video classes, game-based learning, quizzes, and other learning modes that makes online learning better and more competitive than offline learning.”

Global Business Magazine (GBM) is one of the leading online annual sources of business and dealmaker intelligence that focuses on theinternational business landscape. It deliversan insight into the global corporate world by covering a full range of marketplace topics, including- legal, financial, energy, M&A, pharmaceutical, real estate, and capital markets.

However, a true testament of an educational institution’s quality and credibility is reflected through the experience of its students. An educational institution, whether it follows mainstream pedagogical approach or adapts to innovative methods that promise elevated experiential learning, such as Westford Uni Online, is defined by the ability of its students to reflect key understanding of their taught and practiced programmes. Here is what the students of Westford Uni Online have to say about their experience:

Congratulations to being awarded ‘Best International Blended Learning Provider’ in the Middle East by Global Brands Magazine! The Westford touch point at each stage of my research programme has been well managed, making the entire process from my initial inquiry about the UCAM DBA to the program’s commencement a pleasure. The faculty members guiding my cohort through our classes and course works are experts in their fields. Though I am based in Singapore, I have always received timely responses to my inquiries, and any problems that have arisen have been dealt with in a timely and effective manner. Thanks to the hard work of everyone at Westford, I no longer have serious concerns about my ability to work towards successfully complete my DBA programme. I wish Westford many more years of success.

Alan Go
Principal and Chief Operating Officer,
Hanbridge Institute, Singapore
Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) – UCAM

Rayane Abbas,
Healthcare Specialist at Julphar
Masters in Business Administration – Cardiff Metropolitan University

I think the best decision I ever made, is investing in myself, and enrolling for an MBA program. At first, I communicated with multiple universities but at the end I chose Westford.They are very transparent,supportive, and professional and have beensince day one. It is the best choice if anybody wishes to attain a healthy work-life-study balance. Whenever I struggle with any issue or have any concerns, with just an email or a phone call our Student Administrators are there to help, explain & support us. Thank you, Westford, for making my educational journey a fruitful and positive experience.

My experience with Westford has been a rather unexpected and thrilling ride featuring various interactive events and opportunities to network withprominentpersonalities. Westford offers a great platform to its students that allows us to embrace and showcase our industry knowledge as well as creativity. Laughter and fun are inevitable in each class. It amazes me how my professors effortlessly help me achieve my academic goals and are virtually available to offer further support.

Izza Gaile Manabat
BA Hons in Business with Finance

Synchronous and blended-learning are new world approaches to education that incorporate technology for virtual delivery of course-material and one-on-one virtual student-professor sessions that enables learning from any part of the world. Over and above offering this upgraded format of learning, students enrolling with Westford Uni Online, receive degrees and certificates, directly from the university that they enrol with; some of which are WES approved for migration. Various programs offered by Westford Uni Online from bachelors to masters and even doctorates offer a chance for the students to acquire multiple certifications, that further enrich their educational background. The virtual aspect of this experience ensures that students can log-in for their sessions from anywhere in the world, as well as have permanent access to the study material and recorded classes. Students also have the liberty to schedule online-calls with their professors for any support they may require with their academics and submit their assignments through online portals. 

The advantage that Westford Uni Online has as an online education provider is that it’s parent institution, Westford had long been experimenting with the concept of online and blended learning with its full-time programs. This was being done at the time when the mainstream form of education was still being widely practiced and supported. This helped Westford Uni Online gain significantly more experience in the field of online and blended learning.

While educational institutions around the world struggled to adapt to the new normal, since the spread of the Pandemic, Westford Uni Online had no problems offering its students an undisturbed, quality educational experience.

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