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As higher education evolves, online platforms are becoming the vanguard. Esteemed universities globally are attuned to this paradigm shift, leveraging online education to reach diverse learners worldwide. At Westford Uni Online, our mission is rooted in democratizing knowledge, enabling learners to access education seamlessly, anytime, and anywhere.

The surge in demand for accredited online MBA programs is undeniable. Today’s professionals are unwilling to compromise their careers for studies, and international postgraduate pursuits often present logistical challenges. Recognizing this, a one-year online MBA program has become an appealing solution for career-driven individuals, holding high value in corporate and government sectors alike.

Amidst this landscape, UK MBA programs stand out, as evident from the 2018 GMAC survey. The allure of a UK-quality MBA lies in its comprehensive business exposure. As education transcends boundaries, online MBA programs emerge as a pivotal force in shaping the future of higher education.

This educational revolution resonates with aspiring Omani students, mirroring the Sultanate’s journey from tradition to modernity. Oman, a vital GCC trading hub, has strategically diversified its economy in alignment with sustainable development. Honoured as the most improved nation in human development by the UNDP, Oman’s commitment to human capital is resolute, fostering a thriving business environment.

In this dynamic landscape, Westford Uni Online stands as a beacon, empowering Oman’s ambitious minds to partake in a global educational transformation.

Westford Uni Online Programs

The online MBA programs offered by Westford Uni Online are designed to meet the needs of the corporate world and individual career growth aspirations. The One Year MBA programs in Oman consist of various learning components such as assignments, presentations, networking, and peer-to-peer learning. Westford Uni Online’s MBA program offer the same level of exposure and experience as a traditional MBA program, but with lower associated costs and higher returns on investment. Westford’s 1 year MBA program offers specializations in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management, Health Care Management, HR & Psychology, Sales & Marketing, International Business Management, Financial Management, and Information Technology. These specializations are available at an affordable cost and offer a flexible format of education.

An array of courses at your fingertips

We aim to fuel your professional growth with a multitude of courses available on Westford Uni Online and accredited by some of the most recognised universities around the world.

Ahmed Adnan Taher Alhashim

Saudi Arabia

I believe Westford was a good opportunity for me to obtain a better paying job, increase my future earning potential, gain training for a specific career, and learning more about my topics of interest. I chose to pursue MBA in Supply Chain Management to develop a network of contacts within the industry that can be beneficial professionally, in addition to broadening my professional experience in the same field. The modules taught gave me an insight into various business functions. From acquiring specialized knowledge on managing a business, to improving my leadership skills, the MBA has equipped me with the right skill sets. These skills are useful in analysing data to make the right decisions in business and it gave me the confidence to take business related decisions. What I liked most about studying at Westford is the flexible format of learning. I didn’t have to quit my Job! A flexible MBA that fits around my career and gives me the same credits as that of a full-time MBA was one of first reasons why I chose to pursue this path.

MBA Master of Business Administration in Supply Management, Shipping, and Logistics

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Ahmad Ibraheem Ahmad Shraway Al – Ghamdi

Saudi Arabia

My relentless pursuit for knowledge has brought me to Westford. My association with Westford began in 2019, since then, my experience with this premier institution has been nothing but exemplar. The beautiful journey that I enjoyed thoroughly during my master’s program inspired me to continue my journey further. I entrusted my decades-old dream of obtaining my Doctorate degree with Westford. What makes this Institution special is the first order quality of its faculty. Their unwavering support, guidance and passion was instrumental in the success of my journey so far. I was able to complete my M.Phil. with flying colours and I am now just an arm’s length away from earning a doctorate degree. Thanks to Westford!

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Abdulrahman Mohammed Al Khatib


Westford’s flexible and professional education system allowed me to pursue an MBA in Engineering Management while balancing work and personal life. The program equipped me with advanced managerial skills to lead complex engineering projects, making me a valuable asset in the field.I feel that the MBA at Westford has equipped me with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to take my career to the next level.

Executive MBA in Engineering Management

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Ali Fouad Alkhunaizy

Saudi Arabia

The MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management program at Westford was the perfect choice for me as I wanted to boost my career and gain a deep understanding of supply chain management. The program exceeded my expectations, with highly experienced multinational professors and diverse student cohorts creating a truly immersive and enlightening learning environment. My experience with Westford was exceptional and highly recommended to anyone looking to enhance their skills and career prospects.

MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our students who have experienced the transformative power of Westford Uni Online. Discover how our programs have equipped them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their careers. Read their inspiring testimonials and join our successful community today.


Lawal Omotoyosi Latifat

As an entrepreneur, I wanted to study with the best and Westford Uni Online tops the national ranking of online universities in UAE. It offers flexible learning experience and payment opportunities. I chose to do a major international business because it embraces a developing global mindset to be successful in businesses. It’s also a great way to develop my leadership skills...

MBA in International Business – Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), Nigeria

Michael Onmonya

I am a mechanical engineer and energy service provider. Westford Uni Online became my preferred choice when I determined that I want to undertake a doctorate program that can enhance my drive for valuable business management and expand my scope in leadership and organizational effectiveness. Westford stands out in the area of full-cycle support from..

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) – Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM), Nigeria

Bridging the gap between aspirations and reality

Many specialisations are extremely popular and in-demand among Oman students, these include:

Higher Education and Career Statistics: Oman

Region-specific statistics provide necessary support in understanding the requirements of the job market, benefits of higher education and an estimate of the situation of the job-market.

Industry-wise starting salaries:

Job Titles
Expected Salaries (Per hour)
OMR 876
Project Engineer
OMR 1,471
Project Manager
OMR 2,825
Electrical Engineer
OMR 1,286
Senior Accountant
OMR 1,050
OMR 1,436
Human Resources
OMR 1,075

Source: Bayt and Paylab

Explore Top Courses

Westford Uni Online is proud to offer over 50 courses in a multitude of majors that include Business, Management, Finance, Marketing and Computing. The courses offered are accessible to students from anywhere, at anytime and are designed to help students master their field of interest.

Abertay University, Scotland
3 Years

Our Academic Partners

Bringing 18 prestigious international academic partners under one roof. From UK, to Italy, US, to Cyprus, Westford Uni Online has tie-ups with some of the world’s leading universities and colleges to provide  an educational experience tailor made for them.

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