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Online platforms are the way forward for higher education. Top universities worldwide have recognized this trend and are embracing the online platform to cater to students across the globe. The core of education is to make knowledge available to all, and Westford Uni Online achieves this objective by enabling learners to study anytime, anywhere. This vision has driven the institution to design a blended learning educational format. With Westford students have access to live online sessions, one-on-one student-mentor sessions, pre-recorded sessions, and opportunities to travel to UAE and UK to attend their graduation ceremonies.

Saudi Arabia is currently at the cusp of being transformed into a dynamic and diversified economy. The flexibility and convenience to pursue highly accredited UK and European quality education is just what aspiring professionals need to make the most of Saudi Arabia’s growing economy. Westford offers specialised degree programs including MBA, DBA, MSc and BSc, to enable individuals to progress in their career path. Programs such as ‘MBA in Global Business Administration with Applied Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking and Innovation’ develops understanding about managing innovation in businesses and deals with strategic and operational challenges which influence the innovation process in businesses. In addition to fuelling growth and employment with big corporations, the country is high on Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the number of start-ups having recorded the fastest growth of venture capital funding in the MENA region as well as multiple ongoing project such as the Global Integrated Logistics Park in the Al-Khumrah region will be supported by skilled professionals and an ‘MBA with Supply Chain Management’ will build the essential expertise needed in this domain.

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A range of MBAs in Global Business Administration with specialisations in Marketing Intelligence and Big Data, Financial Services Management will help build competencies required to fill the gap due to large-scale expansions and ambitious projects. The Kingdom is also emerging as a major sports, tourism, and recreational destination. This is evident by Saudi Arabia’s efforts of undertaking projects of hosting international sporting events like football, winter games and F1 racing. Westford offers BA (Hons) in Sports Business which addresses subject matters such as sports management, marketing, sponsorship, Public Relations, digital media, and elite sport events.

MBA with Operations and Project Management, MBA with Healthcare Management and MSc Construction and Project Management are some other master’s degree programs with specialisations that residents of Saudi Arabia can benefit from, given the nation’s economy forecast and current development status.

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We aim to fuel your professional growth with a multitude of courses available on Westford Uni Online and accredited by some of the most recognised universities around the world.

Tanya Pike

South Africa

Enrolling in Westford’s online MBA program was a game-changer for my career. The institution’s stellar reputation and globally recognized degree caught my attention. Choosing the HR & Organisational Psychology specialization allowed me to delve into the psychology of employee behavior and its impact on organizations. This program equipped me with invaluable tools to tackle complex HR challenges by understanding human behaviour and organizational dynamics. Westford’s well-structured and flexible program catered perfectly to my needs as a working professional, enabling me to balance work, family, and studies effortlessly. The knowledgeable and supportive faculty further enhanced my learning experience. Thanks to Westford, I’ve made significant strides in my career, and I wholeheartedly recommend their online MBA program to anyone seeking quality education with flexibility.

MBA in HR & Organisational Psychology

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Cornelius Wessels

South Africa

My colleague’s recommendation led me to discover Westford Uni Online, and I am grateful for that moment. Pursuing my MBA with Westford has been a fulfilling journey towards achieving my long-term goals. The program has not only validated my expertise but also exposed me to new perspectives and innovative solutions. The professionalism and effectiveness of the courses, coupled with the cultural diversity of the lectures, have enhanced my adaptability and made me stronger. I am truly enjoying the process and investing in myself through Westford has been a worthwhile decision.

Master in Business Administration

Cardiff Metropolitan University (CMU)

Ahmed Adnan Taher Alhashim

Saudi Arabia

I believe Westford was a good opportunity for me to obtain a better paying job, increase my future earning potential, gain training for a specific career, and learning more about my topics of interest. I chose to pursue MBA in Supply Chain Management to develop a network of contacts within the industry that can be beneficial professionally, in addition to broadening my professional experience in the same field. The modules taught gave me an insight into various business functions. From acquiring specialized knowledge on managing a business, to improving my leadership skills, the MBA has equipped me with the right skill sets. These skills are useful in analysing data to make the right decisions in business and it gave me the confidence to take business related decisions. What I liked most about studying at Westford is the flexible format of learning. I didn’t have to quit my Job! A flexible MBA that fits around my career and gives me the same credits as that of a full-time MBA was one of first reasons why I chose to pursue this path.

MBA Master of Business Administration in Supply Management, Shipping, and Logistics

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Ahmad Ibraheem Ahmad Shraway Al – Ghamdi

Saudi Arabia

My relentless pursuit for knowledge has brought me to Westford. My association with Westford began in 2019, since then, my experience with this premier institution has been nothing but exemplar. The beautiful journey that I enjoyed thoroughly during my master’s program inspired me to continue my journey further. I entrusted my decades-old dream of obtaining my Doctorate degree with Westford. What makes this Institution special is the first order quality of its faculty. Their unwavering support, guidance and passion was instrumental in the success of my journey so far. I was able to complete my M.Phil. with flying colours and I am now just an arm’s length away from earning a doctorate degree. Thanks to Westford!

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our students who have experienced the transformative power of Westford Uni Online. Discover how our programs have equipped them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their careers. Read their inspiring testimonials and join our successful community today.

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Many specialisations are extremely popular and in-demand among Oman students, these include:

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The following figures reveal the state of education and employment in Germany, providing information on popular higher education fields, job opportunities, and expected salaries for professionals starting their careers

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Westford Uni Online is proud to offer over 50 courses in a multitude of majors that include Business, Management, Finance, Marketing and Computing. The courses offered are accessible to students from anywhere, at anytime and are designed to help students master their field of interest.

Abertay University, Scotland
3 Years

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