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UK Quality Degree and Online Education: Online platforms are the way forward for higher education. Top universities worldwide have recognized this trend and are embracing the online platform to cater to students across the globe. The core of education is to make knowledge available to all, and Westford Uni Online achieves this objective by enabling learners to study anytime, anywhere.

The demand for accredited and online MBA programs has been increasing. Professionals are unwilling to compromise their work for studies, and traveling abroad for postgraduation is not always a feasible option. Private companies and government establishments highly value candidates with MBA qualifications, making a one-year online MBA program an attractive option for those seeking to advance their careers.

According to the 2018 GMAC survey report, UK MBA programs are in high demand compared to those from other countries. The primary factor motivating individuals to pursue a UK quality MBA is the comprehensive exposure to business studies associated with it. Overall, an online MBA program is well-suited to the future of higher education worldwide.

UK degrees are well-regarded by employers in Singapore, enhancing graduates’ job prospects and career opportunities. The increasing demand for UK quality education in Singapore is a testament to the recognition of the value and prestige associated with obtaining a UK degree. Students in Singapore view it as an investment in their future, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and international exposure necessary to thrive in a competitive global landscape.

Westford Uni Online Programs

The online MBA programs offered by Westford Uni Online are designed to meet the needs of the corporate world and individual career growth aspirations. The One Year MBA programs with specialisations consist of various learning components such as assignments, presentations, networking, and peer-to-peer learning. These MBA program offer the same level of exposure and experience as a traditional MBA program, but with lower associated costs and higher returns on investment. Westford’s 1 year MBA program with various specializations.

Singapore is experiencing a boom in several industries, creating a strong demand for specific MBA programs that align with market needs. The financial sector, including banking and asset management, is thriving, prompting a surge in the demand for MBA programs specializing in finance and investment management. Additionally, the technology sector is rapidly expanding, driving the need for MBA programs focusing on digital transformation, data analytics, and entrepreneurship. Healthcare and biotechnology sectors are also on the rise, leading to increased demand for MBA programs tailored to healthcare management and biotech innovation. Singapore’s vibrant economy and evolving industries are fuelling the demand for MBA programs that equip professionals with the specialized skills and knowledge to excel in these burgeoning sectors.

An array of courses at your fingertips

We aim to fuel your professional growth with a multitude of courses available on Westford Uni Online and accredited by some of the most recognised universities around the world.

Mzwakhile Mc Inode Sigudu

South Africa

Being part of Westford has been truly transformative. The program’s exceptional quality and the support from lecturers and administrative staff have been invaluable. The knowledge gained has empowered me to approach challenges with newfound confidence, leading to increased involvement in business consulting where my voice matters. The researcher seminars have been a highlight, allowing me to connect with fellow researchers worldwide. Attending the Bootcamps in Dubai and soon in Spain has expanded my global business perspective and provided incredible networking opportunities. Westford has truly broadened my horizons and fuelled my personal and professional growth.

Doctorate in Business Administration

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Anh N. Tran


Choosing Westford was a game-changer for me. Its international approach perfectly accommodated my full-time work, allowing flexible learning from anywhere. The structured program, delivered by exceptional professors, provided valuable insights. The international environment and remarkable student services enhanced my experience. Pursuing the DBA program fuelled my passion for research, supported by experienced industry leaders. I aim to contribute innovative solutions to business and management. Despite studying remotely, I feel connected and grateful. Westford exceeded my expectations.

Doctor of Business Administration

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)

Gordon Thomas Foody


Westford’s MBA program fit my budget and schedule, and the online lectures enabled me to continue working. I gained new knowledge and confidence in previously unfamiliar topics, and the course’s flexibility and adaptability perfectly suited my lifestyle. This positive experience has inspired me to transition from the classroom to the business world. Highly recommended for anyone seeking affordable and accredited MBA education.

Master in Business Administration

Metropolitan University (CMU)

Ahmad Ibraheem Ahmad Shraway Al – Ghamdi

Saudi Arabia

My relentless pursuit for knowledge has brought me to Westford. My association with Westford began in 2019, since then, my experience with this premier institution has been nothing but exemplar. The beautiful journey that I enjoyed thoroughly during my master’s program inspired me to continue my journey further. I entrusted my decades-old dream of obtaining my Doctorate degree with Westford. What makes this Institution special is the first order quality of its faculty. Their unwavering support, guidance and passion was instrumental in the success of my journey so far. I was able to complete my M.Phil. with flying colours and I am now just an arm’s length away from earning a doctorate degree. Thanks to Westford!

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM)


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our students who have experienced the transformative power of Westford Uni Online. Discover how our programs have equipped them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their careers. Read their inspiring testimonials and join our successful community today.

Bridging the gap between aspirations and reality

Singapore is one of the few countries where various industries are witnessing an exponential rise. Here is how Westford is preparing Singaporean learners to excel in their country:

Higher Education and Career Statistics: Singapore

The following figures reveal the state of education and employment in Singapore, providing information on popular higher education fields, job opportunities, and expected salaries for professionals starting their careers.

Singapore at a glance (2023)

Source: HKTDC

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Westford Uni Online is proud to offer over 50 courses in a multitude of majors that include Business, Management, Finance, Marketing and Computing. The courses offered are accessible to students from anywhere, at anytime and are designed to help students master their field of interest.

Abertay University, Scotland
3 Years

Our Academic Partners

Bringing 18 prestigious international academic partners under one roof. From UK, to Italy, US, to Cyprus, Westford Uni Online has tie-ups with some of the world’s leading universities and colleges to provide  an educational experience tailor made for them.

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