Mehyeddine Kabbara

It all began because of a single book.

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Ten years ago, I was working as an Engineer at a local company. Now, I’m a Regional Manager at a big international company. I’ve learned so much along the way – I got a fancy degree, and learned about leadership, sales, and many other things.

But the biggest change isn’t about my job or degrees. Ten years ago, I didn’t read any books. Now, I read two dozen books every year.

One book I read changed my job. Another helped me quit smoking. One book boosted my sales performance. And because of another book, I became a better husband and father. Reading even taught me to manage my money better and love who I am as a person.

I mostly read books to improve myself. I’ve read over 60 of them now. Books have this amazing power. They can take you back in time or show you the future.

So, four years ago, I started encouraging people to read. Not everyone I talked to started reading, but those who did have all become better.

I have a friend who worked tirelessly and had a family to take care of. She reads an HR book for just 10 minutes a day and now she’s an HR Specialist in a big company. Another friend of mine used to do customer support and now he’s a Sales Executive because he read a book that helped him improve.

I’ve even helped four friends quit smoking just by suggesting good books to them. Books can be that powerful.

Not everyone can go to the best universities, but anyone can learn a lot from books.

I love learning and achieving, so I didn't stop just at my MBA. I'm now working towards a Doctorate degree at @ westfordonline

Life feels more meaningful when you have goals to reach for.

Mehyeddine Kabbara

Doctorate of Business Administration, UCAM