Mary Charm Santiago Sutayco

A Career Journey Guided by Faith

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Over a year ago, my emotions were a whirlwind as I summoned the courage to request a well-deserved raise. The department head’s response was a crushing blow that left me speechless. They questioned how they could increase my pay when my diploma wasn’t recognized internationally. Their words haunted me.

After that disheartening conversation, I felt adrift in a sea of uncertainty. I turned to the heavens, silently pleading, “What should I do?” Should I invest in a quality education or seek out a better job? The cost of further studies loomed over me like a dark cloud, casting a shadow of doubt. As I inquired about tuition fees, it became painfully clear that attending a prestigious university was beyond my financial reach.

I wrestled with a monumental decision: should I continue down the path of education or channel my savings into starting a business? In my moments of indecision, I sought guidance from God. And in His infinite wisdom, He opened a door I never expected. A scholarship granted by the university itself. The scholarship, along with flexible payment terms, a warm and supportive staff, and excellent communication, was the lifeline I needed to pursue my passion.

When my superior questioned how I could afford to study with my modest salary, I replied with unwavering faith, "When the time is right, the Lord will make it happen." And thus, the narrative of my academic journey unfolded.

The Lord blessed me with the confidence and wisdom required to juggle my roles as a full-time mother, wife, employee, and student. I eagerly applied all that I learned to benefit our company. I poured my heart and soul into my work, offering my CEO valuable insights on how to improve the business. I suggested website enhancements, promotional vouchers, and online shopping options to boost sales and attract more customers. Thankfully, my CEO was receptive, and my suggestions were heeded. I was given the opportunity to further develop my expertise, and my long-awaited pay increase was finally approved. 

The Westford team deserves commendation for starting my fantastic adventure.

This is just the beginning of how God will shape my career. It is not a tale of chaos but a triumphant, a WIN-WIN situation, all in accordance with God’s plan.



Mary Charm Santiago Sutayco

MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics - GAU