Murthy Ranjit

Humans of Westford: Student Story

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I completed my primary education with a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering (ME) in 1995 and did not pursue further studies. I had always harbored the ambition of obtaining an MBA after my ME Degree, but it never materialized. My career became exceedingly demanding, taking me to various countries and projects. Initially, I commenced my career in Singapore, then moved to London after several years, and eventually settled in Dubai, which has now become my home.

As my career progressed, I assumed managerial roles overseeing diverse teams across different regions, acquiring and honing various skills. However, my dream of pursuing an MBA remained unfulfilled due to work pressures and career advancements.

On the family front, my children were growing, and providing for their needs became my top priority. Their educational progress also became a significant aspect of my life.

As a result, I temporarily shelved my MBA aspirations, believing it would never come to fruition. A casual conversation with my son in 2016 filled me with the confidence to revisit my educational goals, despite my apprehensions about being in my mid-40s. I wasn’t entirely sure if I could revive my MBA dreams, so I began by enrolling in diploma courses at Westford to enhance my career prospects.

Joining Westford opened up a new world of possibilities for me. Over the course of 9-12 months, through Westford’s diploma programs, my confidence in pursuing an MBA grew steadily. During one of the diploma classes, a conversation with Westford’s sales manager convinced me to enroll immediately in an MBA program in collaboration with a top UK University, Wolverhampton.

At the time, we had face-to-face MBA classes since it was pre-COVID. During the first class, I noticed that most of my MBA peers were considerably younger than me, causing me to doubt my determination to complete the program. However, the class of 2016 proved to be fantastic, and I felt youthful in spirit while interacting with many of my classmates. Eventually, I successfully completed my MBA with flying colors. My investment in Westford enriched me with valuable experiences, meaningful connections, and lifelong friendships. The insights I gained from my classmates offered me a fresh perspective on life.

The pinnacle of my MBA journey was receiving my degree at the Wolverhampton campus in the UK, with my son and daughter accompanying me for the graduation ceremony. I felt an immense sense of pride in my achievement, and the presence of my children at the graduation ceremony reaffirmed that I had made the right choices in life, including my decision to join Westford.

After completing my MBA, I believed I had concluded my educational journey, holding two master’s degrees. However, a flyer from Westford about a DBA program in my email made me contemplate pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Once again, my children encouraged me, assuring me that I could achieve it if I were committed. Consequently, here I am, on the right side of my 50s, embarking on my DBA degree, with hopes of completing it by 2024.

As a precursor to my DBA, I earned an M.Phil Degree and had the privilege of attending a grand graduation ceremony organized by Westford in collaboration with UCAM, where my son’s presence filled me with pride about my accomplishments. I am on track to complete my DBA degree in 2024, and I extend my gratitude to the Westford team for their unwavering support throughout this journey.

Murthy Ranjit

B.Eng, M.Eng, MBA, MPhil, DBA in Business Management