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Grow and excel further in your profession with a deeper understanding of your field of expertise.

Upscale your skills and knowledge

Grow and excel further in your profession with a deeper understanding of your field of expertise.

Blended learning

Westford has been two steps ahead in the game of blended learning: an amalgamation of
online and practical learning model. We have been practicing the revolutionary method of delivery since  the advent of the 4th industrial revolution and digitalisation of the educational landscape.

This has given us an edge over our competitors who have only recently adapted to the model, whereas we have perfected our methods of blended learning.

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What Our Students are Saying

Ahed Rushdi Rashed Shihab
I’m currently pursuing an MBA in Sports Management at Westford University, and I must say that my experience with the institution has been nothing short of exceptional. Throughout my academic journey, I’ve received outstanding services and support, and what’s truly remarkable is their 24/7 availability. The Sports Management program at Westford University has provided me with not only valuable knowledge and skills but also a sense of being part of a collaborative and supportive community. This has made my time as a student both enriching and fulfilling.

Ahed Rushdi Rashed Shihab

MBA in Sports Management

Tanya Pike
Enrolling in Westford’s online MBA program was a game-changer for my career. The institution’s stellar reputation and globally recognized degree caught my attention. Choosing the HR & Organisational Psychology specialization allowed me to delve into the psychology of employee behavior and its impact on organizations. This program equipped me with invaluable tools to tackle complex HR challenges by understanding human behaviour and organizational dynamics.

Tanya Pike

Huma Capital Officer MBA in HR & Organisational Psychology

Gordon Thomas Foody
Westford’s MBA program fit my budget and schedule, and the online lectures enabled me to continue working. I gained new knowledge and confidence in previously unfamiliar topics, and the course’s flexibility and adaptability perfectly suited my lifestyle. This positive experience has inspired me to transition from the classroom to the business world. Highly recommended for anyone seeking affordable and accredited MBA education.

Gordon Thomas Foody

Master in Business Administration

Ali Fouad Alkhunaizy
Procurement Manager The MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management program at Westford was the perfect choice for me as I wanted to boost my career and gain a deep understanding of supply chain management. The program exceeded my expectations, with highly experienced multinational professors and diverse student cohorts creating a truly immersive and enlightening learning environment. My experience with Westford was exceptional and highly recommended to anyone looking to enhance their skills and career prospects.

Ali Fouad Alkhunaizy

MBA in Supply Chain, Shipping & Logistics Management

Janice Rebecca Fernandes
From HND to BA (Hons) and now pursuing an MBA in Public Health Management at GAU University via Westford, my journey is deeply gratifying. Faculty’s constant support enhanced my skills. Zoom classes during COVID-19 brought valuable practical learning. The university’s flexibility and smooth operations impressed me.

Janice Rebecca Fernandes

Executive MBA in Public Health Management,

Sijo Maliakkal Joseph
My experience has been fantastic! The opportunity to observe faculty teaching in several of our modules, as well as the experience of sharing a class with students from other countries and witnessing the depth of their confidence and what has brought them to this moment and place. online classes were challenging. Even with my busy schedule, it gave me confidence. I never miss an opportunity to do my projects on time. Each module eagerly anticipates learning something new.

Sijo Maliakkal Joseph

Project Coordinator, Star Services LLC Executive MBA in Human Resource Management India

Westford Etho’s

Westford Online is a 100% digital extension of Westford University College. Since its establishment in 2009,
Westford has gained a reputation as one of the most trusted executive educational institutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Acquire quality education with internationally accredited degrees from an institution that has been awarded the title of the Fastest Growing Online MBA, Diploma and Certificate course provider by Global Brands Magazine in 2020.


Get a deeper understanding of the industry approved best practices in your profession and work towards adapting to the new methods of conducting business and running everyday operations with the help of new business models .


Improve on your existing knowledge and skills of the business realm.Enhance your work and educational experience with Westford’s blended learning model.


Westford aims towards instilling education that will help its students grow intellectually and professionally. Climb up the corporate level with complete confidence and in-depth knowledge of your profession.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About the Course
What is Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is the new and upgraded pattern of learning that is present as an amalgamation of virtual and in-person classes. Students pursuing their education in a blended learning environment will avail the opportunities of having permanent access to the study material of their course as well as have opportunities to interact with their professors on a regular basis

How is blended learning better than classroom learning?

The pedagogical method of blended learning allows students to study anytime, anywhere and at their convenience. It is a perfect model for the present-day students who are leaping into their careers and also for those with established careers. It is the most successful time-efficient and cost-effective way of acquiring knowledge. Additionally, given the nature of the course delivery, students are given permanent access to their study material. Whereas, in-case of classroom learning, should a student miss out on a class, they lose the opportunity to attend the delivery of the lecture. On the other hand, with blended learning, students are at will to access their lectures multiple times until they are clear with their concepts.

Will I get to meet my professors in person?

Students can schedule an online meeting with their professors on a regular basis, according to the timeslot allotted to them.

How can I enrol?

Simply fill in the enquiry form and our team of trusted student administrators will take care of your admission process from there on! Contact us on: +971 52 702 7155

Do I have to be in the UAE to pursue a course with Westford Uni Online?

Absolutely not! With blended learning, Westford’s students can study from any part of the world and their degrees will be delivered to their doorsteps post completion of the course. To know more give us a call at: +971 52 702 7155

What has the student experience been so far, with Westford Uni Online?

Feel free to check out our student testimonials. You can also have a scroll through our blogs to know more about the student experience at Westford Online.

Will I receive a degree?

Students will be awarded degrees/diploma certificates directly from the university and/or institution that they pursue their course with, in collaboration with Westford Online. The certifications will be delivered along with the students’ transcripts.

Will my degree be awarded by the University that I enrol with?

Yes, the degrees awarded to students will be issued by the university that the students enrol with. For more information about the courses and certification, please contact : +971 52 702 7155

Admission & Fee

To enquire about admission criteria and process, as well as to know more about Westford Uni Online's fee structure and scholarships, please contact: +971 52 702 7155

Academics And Learning Exeperience

An opportunity to study anytime and from anywhere. Westford Uni Online's synchronous mode of learning has enabled students worldwide to pursue accredited, UK and European quality higher education in a flexible setting, that enables them to study at their convenience, resulting in a work-life-study balance.