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The online Workshops are a service by Westford for Business aiming at providing virtual training solutions to bridge the competency gap within the organizations, to address critical issues within organizational context through professional development programs. Westford for Business Online workshops are designed to be relevant and responsive to the current business trends and business needs around the world. These workshops are led by industry experts and experienced professionals, ensuring that participants receive the most up-to-date knowledge and practical insights.

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    Dr. Renaldo de Jager is an International Management Consultant with over two decades of experience. He holds a Doctorate degree in Management of Technology and Innovation from The Da Vinci Institute and an MBA as part of his post-graduate studies. He has experience in Mining, Manufacturing, Services, and the financial sectors. He’s a veteran in implementing, developing, and managing Lean Manufacturing to Six Sigma to Theory of Constraints, just–in–time Stock management systems, and various management theories within dynamic work setups.

    His prime focus is on improving effectiveness and efficiencies, enhancing productivity, and a reduction in operating costs. He ensures that processes are aligned with the organizational strategy and that they are suitable and applicable. His approach to teaching, lecturing, and training facilitation is a unique participative discussion with a blend of theories and their application in the real work context. 

    Areas of Specialization

    Operations Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Process Improvement

    topic : Leadership to a competitive advantage in the next decade

    Key Takeaways

    Agility & Adaptability

    Visionary Thinking

    Digital Fluency

    Purpose-driven Leadership