Girne American University (GAU)

Girne American

One of the Best 100 Higher Education Provider Universities

Girne American University (GAU)

Girne American University is ranked as “One of the Best 100 Higher Education Provider Universities” in the Eduniversal rankings. Throughout its history, GAU’s emphasis has been on five main values: access, speed, relevance, value, and community. Girne American University is committed to making American model learning programs available throughout life and to make them challenging and relevant to a diverse community of young adults. The goal is to make education possible that is both accessible and outstanding at the same time. The university delivers one of the best quality of education at a very affordable price range, equivalent to what it receives in countries and the United States. Your education at Girne American University will be an experience in life where you not only achieve intellectual progress but also social skills and an international perspective. The university also has affiliations and accreditations from widely recognized organizations and organizations that promote cultural exchanges both on-campus and off-campus. Girne American University is ranked 8th in Cyprus and 4312th worldwide in the top 26 percent of the world’s universities and ranks 1st among the universities in Kyrenia. Girne American University was the only university to be ranked by Northern Cyprus universities as the “Top 20 Universities with Best Masters in Education.”

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