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About Westford Uni Online

Westford Uni Online, has emerged as a leading name in the education sector. It is the online arm of Westford University College that has a remarkable track record of over 14 years in onsite, online, and blended learning. As a trusted education provider in the Middle East and beyond, Westford Uni Online has established itself as a reputable institution committed to offering high-quality education.

At Westford Uni Online, we understand the importance of flexibility and convenience in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why our motto is “Study Anytime, Anywhere.” We believe that learning should not be restricted by time or location, and we strive to provide a healthy work-life-study balance for our students. Our synchronous learning model allows students to learn at their own pace and convenience, making education accessible to working professionals, recent graduates, and individuals seeking career advancement.

Our vision is to make affordable and quality education accessible to learners across the globe. We achieve this through our synchronous learning platform, which offers blended programs designed to make learning efficient, engaging, and enriching. Our pedagogical approach combines live, online, interactive sessions with self-study through pre-recorded classes, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Whether pursuing undergraduate, postgraduate, doctorate, or diploma certification programs, our students benefit from industry-relevant professional certifications supported by degrees and diplomas from globally accredited educational bodies and universities.

One of the key strengths of Westford Uni Online lies in our international partnerships and collaborations with renowned educational providers in the United Kingdom, Europe, and the United States. These strategic alliances enable us to offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma certification programs that are globally recognized and respected. 

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Our Vision

The vision is to enable aspiring students and professionals from every nook and corner of the globe, to have access to quality and affordable education at the click of a button. Westford Uni Online wishes to offer its students access to credible degrees and certifications that will in-turn help students advance in their professional journeys.


In line with the vision of Westford Uni Online, the institution is on a mission to provide its students:
  • Access to quality education from credible international universities
  • Access to instalments and easy tuition payment
  • Access to programs and courses of their choice, available anytime and anywhere.
  • Access to a blended learning experience in the world that is swiftly moving towards the fourth industrial revolution
  • Access to credible faculty and leading professionals from around the world
  • Access to an international classroom experience

Our Aim

With over a decade of imparting education, Westford Uni Online has branched out towards catering especially to students online by offering the most updated methods of education, blended learning. The aim is to be able to fulfil our vision and mission by dominating the field of global online education.

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